Our Vote for a New President

Every Vote Counts
This month, based on our collective decision as citizens of the United States of America, we will install a new president. That person will guide and protect all that are counted within our borders. No matter the race, creed or religion one identifies with, no matter the status one holds, or how long one has been a member of this great nation.

Sadly, it’s almost impossible to determine who is leading us astray. Depending on your sources of information, you will be led one way or the other based solely on the motivation of the provider, or in this case, the candidate.

This is the exact circumstance I have been describing and warning against in my industry for years. Just because your broker is a nice person, does not necessarily mean that you are getting the best, untainted advice. It always rests with the motivation. Not just theirs, but their parent or broker dealer’s motivation as well.

What I’m describing is the media’s strategic use of misdirection and steering. They tend to use half-truths blended with provocative discussions created solely for the purpose of distraction. What we have witnessed over this last year has been unprecedented in its example. I call upon you to reflect on the news stories you have been barraged with. If you can see through the fog that has been designed to lead you to a certain outcome by playing on your regional, spiritual, or educational sensitivities. On the Internet, the message of the day, week, or month isn’t actionable intelligence for you. The message usually tends to benefit the promoter.

To prevent this here at Norseman, we utilize a broad range of strategies from numerous investment professionals that we have found to be a fantastic sampling of all the attributes associated with futuristic thinkers… Not the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” bunch!

Remember, don’t settle for the status quo, get out and vote! And be thinking about the men and women of our armed forces and their spouses, here and abroad. It’s because of them that we get to help decide who shall lead for the next term.

From all of us here to you… “Happy Thanksgiving”

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