Are you staying ahead on investing?

Memories of Kodak

An elegy for Kodak

Are you staying ahead on investing?

Hello everyone, I hope this finds you staying cool as best you can.

Soon school will start again and vacations will be a distant but fond memory.

The more things change the more they stay the same… or do they?  If you are still doing your own investing how is your next move coming? Are you getting ready to sell? Why? Are you going to hold steady? Why? Is the fallout from Brexit over? What about North Korea, Russia, and Afghanistan?  How do we process what’s relevant?

If your parents left you with profound guidance on investing and you are still doing things the same way they did over 40 years ago wouldn’t it be prudent to reevaluate your system just a bit?

Remember Kodak?

Do you remember what a Kodak moment was? Kodak was a blue chip stalwart industry leader of a company. At one time their brand alone would have been worth billions by today’s standards. You might not know that Kodak invented the first digital camera! An employee/scientist that was part of their research and development team was so excited to demonstrate the new wave of the future he just created – a new form of camera that doesn’t use film. The board of directors all but told him to take his toy and go away. After all, they were a paper and chemical company for pristine, ultra-fine photography. The world will never do away with developed photographs, right?!?

Do you know where Kodak is today? My point is, that unless you are driving a train, the old mantra of “that’s the way we always did it” is fraught with problems. Not only are you not of the mindset to improve your situation as the times change but you will most likely suffer the same fate the board of directors of Kodak met with.

This world is moving way to fast to sit on your hands. There are opportunities and consequences for every decision. No decision is a decision!

Please also remember our men and women of the US armed forces and their families, our brave local police, and firefighters. Without them, we wouldn’t be free or safe.

To read more about the Fall of Kodak, click here.

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