How to Retire out of the Box

What is Retiring Out of the Box?

I want you to ask yourself:  How does running from a polar bear compare to your retirement strategies?

Imagine if that bear was your worst financial nightmare, and you only have seconds to decide on how to protect yourself from it charging directly at you. This was the inspiration for my newly released book, “Retiring Out-Of-The-Box.” The idea started with an experience I encountered while stationed on an isolated site in Alaska known as the Distant Early Warning Line (DEWLINE). One day, while working at the DEWLINE, I came face-to-face with a hungry polar bear, which left me only seconds to decide what to do next and knowing that the wrong move would have been my last.

As it appears, I was fortunate in making the right decision. Polar bears, like many parts of my financial industry, are always hungry and always moving, just as we are always looking for that next investor to convince us that focusing on rate of return, rather than a solid plan with separate income and growth strategies, is the way to go. This is the retail mindset! Early in my career, I realized that my brush with the polar bear wasn’t too different than the way most of us manage our retirement strategies. Retirement is a process; you can either choose to live in the fast lane with high risk or set life-long goals for steadier, safer growth.  As we grow older and become more involved in building our portfolios, we are faced with making larger and more difficult financial decisions. It’s no longer just sorting out $100K; it’s the security for your wife, family, even yourself, and creating a protective barrier between you and that hungry polar bear.

In my book, I explore the investment choices that we all must make in order to prevent our portfolios from being affected by unpleasant scenarios. It’s about retiring your way and leaving behind the uncertainties in your retirement planning, which are exceedingly common and customary in my industry, and showing you how you can prepare your investments ahead of time. The ultimate benefit is your peace of mind, which only comes from knowing you can retire and maintain security for you and your family. Remember to ask yourself this:  How is your investment portfolio protected from your financial polar bear?

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John-A.K.A. Big John

“Never Follow, Never Settle, Always Explore”