Women In Transition

Are you suddenly single due to divorce or the loss of a spouse?

Did you know that at some point, nearly 94% of women believe they will be personally responsible for their finances at some point in their adult life. Despite this, about half of women (48%) feel confident about their finances and only 28% feel empowered to take action.*

Stay in control of your financial future!

We help women with some common and challenging aspects of life’s significant transitions, including divorce, the death of a spouse, moving, or downsizing.   

Why We Believe Transition planning and support are important

In these times of meaningful change, you can face many challenges. From personal to professional, you can experience a wide range of emotions and changes, and you may have to make difficult decisions about your career, finances, and family life. In these situations, we feel it is essential to have someone you can trust and rely on to guide you through the process.